Dynamic is well established Enterprise IT Sales partner to DELL, HP, IBM, Acer, Hitachi, EMC2, Microsoft, Cisco, D-Link, AMP and many more.


Dynamic Technologies delivers standard as well as customized software solution to the customers, with commitment of post sales services.


We offer Security solutions including a comprehensive suite of products for home, commercial and industrial customers.

What We Do

Hardware Sales:

Retail:- For last 10 years Dynamic is channel partner for retail of all major brands of Desktops, Notebooks, Printers & Computers Accessories.

Enterprise: Dynamic is well established Enterprise IT Sales partner to DELL, HP, IBM, Acer, EMC2, Microsoft, Cisco, D-Link, AMP and many more.

Dynamic’s enterprise solution team works closely with OEM’s to provide the best suitable solution to meet your expectations. In enterprise segment dynamic has diversified it’s operation and covers Data Storage (NAS/SAN), Network Security (UTM/Firewall/IPS etc), Electronic Surveillance Solution (CCTV, IP Cameras, Electronic Locking Systems, Access Control Devices etc.), Audio Video Solutions, Conference Room Setting & Customized Hardware and Software Solution to meet any specific process or operation of Organization.
IT Consulting:
 a)Hardware Solutions :-
Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations, Servers, storage and networking equipment are the core of IT infrastructure. Professional consultation about IT assets in these arenas is the core of Dynamic’s business. Our Consultants know the latest developments in server, storage and networking technologies, and we help our customers to decide, if the benefits of new equipment outweigh the cost. We never recommend acquisition of new assets unless they will result in measurable benefits. This determination is based on a thorough analysis of our clients' current and projected future operations.
 b)Software Solutions:-
Dynamic Technologies delivers standard as well as customized software solution to the customers. Dynamic has a team of seasoned software developers, to cater the need of customized software. To know more about our expertise and software development capabilities;
 c)Networking & Security Solutions
We take ownership to deliver you a flexible and secure network to optimized use of IT resources. Our team of information security experts performs extensive vulnerability assessments and helps customers understand complex topics such as intrusion detection and prevention. Our security consultations include remote and mobile extensions of agency and business infrastructures, areas that are often the most vulnerable.

IT Services:
AMC is a common word where IT services starts now a day, but a service should be more than AMC. We recognize operation of IT environment and deliver Facility management Services to the customer. This enables a customer to have faith in the Integrated IT Setup and eradicates the fear of IT system Failure/Non working. Besides these basic services we provide Training on various Microsoft products. Although standard trainings are part of our services, which can be availed anytime by the customer but when it requires having, expertise on Microsoft Products, we can deliver you more than your expectations.
a) IT Capacity Building
Our experts can track IT infrastructure use trends and predict future requirements. Our capacity planning Consultation practice eliminates the guesswork involved not only in determining when upgrades or expansions will be needed but also how those changes will affect other parts of the infrastructure.
b) IT Optimization
Dynamic Technologies, differs from typical IT solution providers; those who care more about selling new Products than about doing what's best for customers. Almost anybody can sell IT hardware. It takes a bit more effort and expertise to know when new assets are not needed. A major segment of IT Optimization is consolidation, a term that can refer to a number of size-reduction and efficiency-enhancing practices in both the hardware and software environments. Dynamic Technologies can maximize the use of floor space in data centers, perhaps consolidating two inefficiently-designed rooms into one. We also offer expert consolidation of applications, databases and storage.
Life Cycle Management
Dynamic Technologies helps you take control of all aspects of IT infrastructure management from product procurement to product disposal. Our approach to lifecycle management takes the pain out of IT asset maintenance, upgrades and end-of-life actions.
A) Procurement
Based on a thorough analysis of your organizations' current and projected future needs, Dynamic Technologies will ensure you get the best prices and service during the acquisition of IT products. We are a truly vendor neutral organization, meaning we base all procurement recommendations solely on the available products that best suit your business or agency needs.
B) Deployment & Integration We facilitate the smooth deployment and integration of IT components by first conducting extensive site Audits and surveys. These are followed with detailed deployment planning and scheduling sessions.
C) Management Dynamic Technologies can be counted on to keep your vital technology systems running and secure. We ensure all components are protected with the latest upgrades and patches. We manage and track warranty related service and monitor licensing, system usage and capacity issues.
D) Recovery When IT assets reach the end of their lifecycles, Dynamic Technologies can handle all aspects of their removal. We facilitate the recovery of any residual value in a simple, transparent process that includes taking advantage of any vendor-related trade-in programs.
IT Operation & Management
Dynamic’s operation & maintenance services are an adjunct to our IT Lifecycle Management capabilities. We provide comprehensive support for system operations for both federal agencies and commercial businesses.
a) Onsite Technician Dispatch & Repair
If problems cannot be resolved remotely, we dispatch service technicians capable of repairing hardware failure. Our onsite technician dispatch and repair service is available at various levels of service level agreements (SLAs) to meet client requirements including round the clock response.
b) Human Capital Management
Govt. and corporate that acquire, develop, and retain high performing employees with the appropriate skills and competencies are better able to respond to the needs of the public on a daily basis and in times of crisis. Dynamic’s skill analysis workshop assists in determining training needs and gaps in critical support.Dynamic Technologies also assists in finding and staffing qualified individuals to ensure our client's operations continue as needed.
c) End User Education & Training
We not only make money by acquiring business at various levels from the customers. We take this opportunity to educate the end users at our customer sites after all new installations. This is an integral part of our post sale service management procedure, which gives a comfort feeling to the end user and makes technology as a tool to optimize the productivity


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